Competition Schedule

October 24-25 Encore Extreme

Virginia Beach

Convention & Solo Competition (only)

Convention Fee: $175.00

Dancers can participate in just the convention, however, in order to compete the convention is mandatory.

(Each Soloist will receive a mini photo shoot)



Washington, DC

January 8-10

Convention and Competition

I strongly suggest that you look into this convention.  The dancers/choreographers are incredible.  I know it is a bad time of the year however if we have enough interest we can carpool as well as double up in rooms to save money.

If anyone wishes to compete at this completion, it will be at my discretion only. 

Convention fee: $245



Virginia Beach

February 12-14

No convention or master classes.

On Point

Virginia Beach

February 26-28

No convention



Newport News

March 4-6

No convention




April 1-3

Convention fee: Mini $160, Jr& Teen $235

Anyone is welcome to participate in master classes.  It is mandatory to compete.  Competitors for this competition are at my discretion.


Next Star

Woodbridge. VA

April 8-10

No convention or masters.


Hollywood Vibe


April 29-May 1

Convention fee $275.00 (based on last year’s information)

Convention is offered to all dancers, however, is mandatory to compete.  Competing in this completion is at Ms. Keller’s discretion. 


Show Stoppers


May 13-15

No Convention

(This competition is depended upon our recital date)



June 13-17



Virginia Beach

July 18-23

Free week long master classes open to studio for the week

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